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Rehabilitation after car accident

Physiotherapy Professionals Parramatta 12 Ada Street Harris Park NSW 2150
Physiotherapy Professionals Parramatta 12 Ada Street Harris Park NSW 2150

Why is Rehabilitation after car accident important?

Experiencing a motor vehicle accident can not only be very traumatic but can also result in serious injuries that take years to recover from. Motor vehicle accident injuries often require multiple hospital or doctor’s appointments that take time out of your life. These appointments can be hugely beneficial and necessary in speeding up the recovery process. Part of the rehab process is undergoing regular Physiotherapy. Physiotherapy can help to reduce the risk of long-term damage, aid in pain reduction and in some cases may even help patients avoid the need to have surgery.

Common conditions requiring rehabilitation:


Spinal injuries can result in short term or permanent disability. Rehabilitation can include Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy (including home assessment and modifications), and support in returning to work and study roles.


A herniated disk may mean that you need to take time of work to recover. With a back injury there is also a chance you could need medication, spinal manipulation or even surgery. Physiotherapy is a great place to start to manage your herniated disc after your motor vehicle accident. Your Physiotherapist can provide you with essential knowledge on how to manage your herniated disc.


Fracture to your pelvis as a result of a motor vehicle accident can result in difficulty walking or impairment to your range of movement. In cases like these you may need extensive physiotherapy or surgery to heal.


Depending on the severity of the injury a torn or ruptured ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) can be treated either surgically or non-surgically. Torn ACL is a common injury for accidents involving a car vs motor bike, cycle or pedestrian accidents. Your Physiotherapist will work alongside your GP and Ortho specialists to achieve the best results for your rehabilitation.


Post-traumatic stress disorder is a set of emotional reactions that can develop in people who have been through a traumatic experience such as a motor vehicle accident. It’s characterised by feelings of intense fear or panic and can be treated with therapy or sometimes medication. If you have mental trauma after a car accident you may need therapy to help you to regain control over your life however these costs can add up.


If you’ve dislocated a bone due to a motor vehicle accident, you will first be treated by your GP or Orthopaedic specialist. Once this is complete your doctor will refer you to start your Physiotherapy program. Rehabilitation can involve specific exercises, stretches and resistance training at a later stage to build strength back into the affected joint.


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