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Physiotherapy After a Motor Vehicle Accident

Physiotherapy Professionals Parramatta 12 Ada Street Harris Park NSW 2150
Physiotherapy Professionals Parramatta 12 Ada Street Harris Park NSW 2150 – Physiotherapy After a Motor Vehicle Accident.
Car Accident Physiotherapy Parramatta
Car Accident Physiotherapy Parramatta

Who is covered?

  • Driver: Regardless of fault
  • All passengers in any vehicle which was hit by a motor vehicle
  • Pedestrian: Hit by a motor vehicle
  • Cyclist: Hit by a motor vehicle
    • Motor vehicle: Includes any vehicle registered to drive on NSW roads

Physiotherapy After a Motor Vehicle Accident: CTP Claims

Motor vehicle accidents (MVA) can happen any time and can cause a lot of headache and grief. CTP insurance (compulsory third party insurance) may cover for your Physiotherapy treatment. Physiotherapy After a Motor Vehicle Accident is crucial and can prevent long term spinal and whiplash related complications. If you are suffering from pain after a motor vehicle accident  the first thing to do is to see your GP at your earliest convenience. If your  injury is related to work or an insurance claim you will need to see your GP  who can start the process of referral to us and obtaining your claim number.

Some injuries are instant but it’s worth  remembering that whiplash type injuries will often take a while to fully  manifest themselves. The body often goes into hyper-protection mode as a safety  measure after a traumatic incident. Once this period wears off, the pain will most likely start to become evident.

It is our job as a Physiotherapy provider, to help assist you with pain management, help your body repair and get you back in fine form as soon as possible. We will explain your injury and  what we can do to help you.

Please note, prior approval from your CTP insurance company is required. You will also need to visit a GP after your accident, before you can be seen by a Physiotherapist. Not all symptoms will appear immediately after the accident, some symptoms and pains can develop a few days after the accident has taken place. The body often goes into “protection mode” for safety to prevent further damage after an accident. Once the body starts to relax, the pain will will become more apparent.

Physiotherapy After a Motor Vehicle Accident: Initial Steps

third party

  1. Contact 3rd party insurance provider
  2. Fill out appropriate forms (Your GP may need to fill a form regarding your injury)
  3. See your GP as soon as possible (Within 28 days after your accident)
  4. Contact your Physiotherapist with claim number issued by insurance company

Do I Have To Pay for Treatment?

No, we will bill the insurer if all of the following exists:

  1. Valid claim number from your insurance company
  2. Approval letter or email for Physiotherapy from the insurance company

Contact Physiotherapy Professionals Parramatta. We will assist you with pain management and get you back on track as soon as possible.

Whiplash Management Guide

 If you’ve had a motor vehicle accident and are currently suffering from symptoms, get in touch with Physiotherapy Professionals Parramatta. If you are unsure of the process or where to go, we can guide you through the process and direct you on the right path.