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Guilford NDIS Physiotherapy

NDIS Physio Home visit
Guilford NDIS Physiotherapy

Can Physiotherapy help?

Physiotherapists are health professionals skilled in the assessment, diagnosis, rehabilitation and treatment of people living with a disability.

How can we help?

We can help you with different treatments such as:

  • Pain management
  • Joint related pain
  • Muscle / Nerve related pain
  • Active / Passive stretches
  • Rehabilitation programs
  • Exercise programs
  • Massage
  • Increasing flexibility in muscles

Gait training:

  • Mobility / Gait training
  • Walking aid selection
  • Learning how to use your walking stick during different situations
  • Learning how to use your crutches during different situations
  • Learning how to use your four wheeled walker
  • Learning how to use your wheelchair

Guilford NDIS Physiotherapy Treatment options:

We can provide treatment at our Parramatta clinic, but we can also provide treatment at your home (Home visits). You can book in an appointment with one of our specialized Physiotherapist and they will visit you to treat you at home. This way you don’t have to worry about how to get to the clinic.

What services do we offer? Treatment is dependent on your goals and what you would like to achieve. This may include:

  • Exercises to strengthen muscles.
  • Stretching to relieve tight muscles and joints.
  • Hands on Physiotherapy techniques.
  • Soft tissue release techniques.
  • Manual therapy/ Manual handling training
  • Muscle pain relief.
  • Joint pain relief.
  • Mobility and transfer aid selection.
  • Home exercise and stretching programs
Physio Parramatta NDIS
Physio Parramatta NDIS

How can I book an appointment?

If you’re eligible for NDIS, we encourage you to give us a call on 0479 080 800 we will discuss how we can assist you better. Our clinic is located walking distance from Parramatta and Harris Park stations. We also cater for surrounding suburbs such as Lidcombe, Auburn, Granville, Merrylands, Greystanes, Westmead, Rydalmere and many more.

How do I pay for the service?

We invoice the NDIS directly for services for approved clients.

Contact Us:

For more information on how we can further assist you, please call our clinic number on 0479 080 800  or send us an email on [email protected] for further details. Our Physiotherapists are Medicare, NDIS, DVA and Work Cover approved, specialising in injury management and rehabilitation to get you back on track.

Ajit Lamba and Daniel Stone. Physiotherapists providing NDIS services.

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