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When to see a Physiotherapist?

When to see a Physiotherapist:

Are you feeling pain? Are your joints aching? Have you sustained an injury?

There are lots of different reasons why you should see a Physiotherapist. Physiotherapists can they help you deal with pain, and can help improve your quality of life. Physiotherapists are highly trained and have detailed understanding of the human body based on years of study at university level. At Physiotherapy Professionals Parramatta, our Physiotherapists also continue their education by attending professional training regularly so that they are up-to-date with the latest treatments & scientific data.

It is not necessary for you to be injured before you seek assistance from a Physiotherapist. Physiotherapists also see patients to prevent injuries from taking place. We are here to help you achieve your health goals and there are lots of different methods of assessment prior to commencing exercise.

You should consult a Physiotherapist if:

  • Sustained an injury – sports or otherwise
  • Sustained an injury at work
  • Recent surgery
  • Low back pain, either acute or chronic
  • Aches & pains in your muscles or joints
  • Joint issues: pain, locking or giving away
  • Improve balance, strength & flexibility
  • Numbness or pins & needles or other sensory changes around your body
  • Improve your sporting performance
  • Improve posture

At Physiotherapy Professionals Parramatta we have a great team ready to assist you. We are conveniently located walking distance from Parramatta and Harris Park stations. You can call us to make a booking on 0479 080 800 or alternatively book online.

See you at the clinic!

Contact us today on 0479 080 800 to make a booking. Alternatively you can email us on [email protected]Our Physiotherapists are Medicare, NDIS, DVA and Work Cover approved, specialising in injury management and rehabilitation to get you back to full function.