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Soccer injury stretches physio parramatta

Sick of soccer injuries? This will help you!

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If you are a soccer player you probably have been injured before. In soccer more injuries occur during games than training. The quick movements with a lot of force can cause sprains, strains, fractures or dislocations.

The most common body areas for soccer players to get injured are the ankle, knee shoulders, arms and head.

We summed up some safety tips for you.

Good preparation is important: always warm up, stretch and cool down.

  • Undertake training prior to competition to ensure readiness to play.
  • Undertake fitness programs to develop endurance, strength, balance, coordination and flexibility.
  • Gradually increase intensity and duration of training.
  • Good technique and practices will help prevent injury
  • Know the rules and play fairly.
  • Instruction on correct kicking, heading and tackling techniques must be available and reinforced.
  • Coaches should undertake regular re accreditation and education to ensure their knowledge is kept up-to-date.
  • Officials should enforce game rules.

See the photo’s below for some handy stretches to use during the warm up and cool down.

Soccer injury stretches physio parramatta

Soccer injury stretches physio parramatta

Soccer injury stretches physio parramatta
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