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Sever’s Disease Treatment and Management

Sever’s Disease Treatment

Sever’s Disease is an inflammation of the growth plate in the heels of growing children. The condition presents as pain in the heel and is caused by repetitive stress to the heel. The condition is common in active children who are going through a growth spurt. If the rate of bone growth is faster than the muscles, muscles become tight and pull on the attachment sites. The condition is treatable and is definitely not a disease!

Server’s Disease Management

First, your child should cut down or stop any activity that causes heel pain. Apply ice to the painful heel as often as possible. This will held to reduce inflammation. Supportive foot wear should be worn and ensure your child is not walking barefoot.

Sever’s disease is not serious, however proper diagnosis and prompt treatment is recommended. If your child comes to you with complaints of heel pain, tenderness in the back of the foot or ankle, or is limping or walking on their toes, they may possibly have Server’s disease or other heel related injuries involving the Achilles tendon.

How long does it take to recover from Severs disease?

Normally 2-3 months. However, symptoms can last longer in some children and can reoccur. To date no long term problems have been identified after Sever’s disease has resolved. Symptoms and rate of recovery is dependant on the child’s activity levels. For a quicker recovery, it is recommended to cut down physical activity or trial non weight wearing activities such as cycling or swimming.


The aim of initial stages of treatment is to minimise pain.
This is achieved by following RICE principals initially – Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation is probably not required as swelling will be minimal.
Controlled calf muscle stretching
Wear comfortable shoes – use a heel pad if necessary

PS – It’s not a disease!

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