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Pregnancy Back Pain

Physiotherapy Professionals Parramatta 12 Ada Street Harris Park NSW 2150
Physiotherapy Professionals Parramatta 12 Ada Street Harris Park NSW 2150: Pregnancy Back Pain

Pregnancy Back Pain: Are you expecting a baby and experiencing back pain?

Post pregnancy back pain: Have you recently had a baby and are now experiencing back pain?

Post pregnancy back pain: You gave birth a few years ago but your back pain just won’t go away?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you need Physiotherapy treatment for back pain.

Are you sick of not being able to pick up your kids without getting horrible lower back pain?

Does your back keep you awake at night?

Are you worried that your body won’t bounce back since having kids?

Get rid of your back pain in 5 minutes a day and keep it gone in only 6 weeks!

Hi. My name is Ajit and I am an Australian Physiotherapist. Since you’re here you may have heard how I have helped a lot of patients over the years become pain free.

Over half of the patients I see are Mothers.

I have found a solution for helping mothers get rid of back pain, to keep their pain gone, and to feel as fit as you were before having kids. I have refined this secret method over the years as a Physiotherapist and I would like to share it with you just like I have with so many others who have been in your position.

Many of these Mothers are now running, exercising, going to the gym and doing things they didn’t think would be possible in their lives because of their back pain.

I would love to share my secret with you on how to get rid of your back pain and keep it gone. It doesn’t take long, it isn’t hard, there is no magic pill and it is something that anyone can do. In fact you can do it in only 5 minutes a day.

Find out how I help my private and corporate clients become pain free. The majority of these clients suffer from back pain just like you. By diagnosing their pain based on my secret formula they get fast results, and feel much better in only 5 consultations using hands on Physiotherapy techniques. No gimmicks. No pills. No unnecessary scans.

What is more is that once the pain is gone I will give you simple exercises and strategies to keep your pain gone, which will take less than 5 minutes per day, perfect for the busy mother.

I look forward to helping you on your journey to pain relief.