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Do I need a referral to see a Physiotherapist?

Referrals are not necessary

Physiotherapists are primary health practitioners, patients do not need to visit a GP or a doctor before visiting a Physiotherapist.

However there are certain circumstances where a doctor’s referral is required. If you have had a motor vehicle accident and your Physiotherapy treatment is being covered by CTP insurance (compulsory third party insurance), a doctor’s referral is required along side an approval letter from the insurance company.

Similarly if you have had an injury at work and your Physiotherapy treatment is being covered by WorkCover (Now known as SIRA – State Insurance Regulatory Authority), you will require a referral from your GP and an approval letter from the insurance company.

If you are being treated under Medicare, you will also need a referral. Medicare provides limited Physiotherapy coverage under the Australian healthcare system. If you are eligible for treatment, your GP will have to provide you with an EPC (Enhanced Primary Care) referral before treatment can begin.

If you are have private health insurance or a private paying patient, no referrals are required. We can communicate directly with your GP and keep them updated with your progress.

Patient Centered Care

Even if your doctor has given you a referral to see another Physiotherapist, you are still entitled to choose any Physiotherapist you wish. Simply bring the referral in with you to your first session and we will let the referring doctor know that you have commenced treatment with us.

Physiotherapists can also issue attendance certificates which can only be issued after you have been seen by a Physiotherapist.

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