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Physio Parramatta migraine headache

Enough of Migraines?

Parramatta Migraines Headache

Migraines are similar to a headaches but a lot worse in terms of discomfort and lost productive time. Migraine can be caused due to tight muscles and stiff joints in the cervical spine. They can affect children and adults equally. There is no specific age group where migraines are more prevalent. Individuals could suffer migraines from childhood all the way to middle age and beyond. With these statistics, it’s important to seek treatment at an early stage.

Symptoms of Migraine.

The International Headache Society has defined following as the migraine symptoms:

  • Pain can be either one-sided, throbbing, moderate to severe or aggravated by movement.
  • Migraine is associated with at least one of the following conditions such as; vomiting, nausea, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to sound or sensitivity to smell.
  • The headache lasts for between 4 – 72 hours.
  • Difficulty in concentrating or confusion.
  • Stiffness in neck and shoulders.
  • Tingling feeling in limbs.
  • Speech disturbance.
  • In acute cases which are very rare a person may lose consciousness.

What causes migraine?

It is an interaction between the brain and the pain control mechanisms. In a lot of cases pain control is impaired causing the headaches to be triggered. And tight muscles or dysfunction of the muscles in the neck can set off a migraine.

For most of the people who suffer from migraine, it’s hard to trigger the factors that cause the headache. However Dr. Rocchi describes following as the potential triggering factors:

  • Allergic reaction or allergies.
  • Physical stress such as tiredness, jet lag or excessive exercising.
  • Emotional stress, anxiety, depression, tension or even excitement.
  • Bright or flickering lights, loud noise, smell, and temperature changes.
  • Change in sleeping patterns or irregular sleep.
  • Excessive smoking, alcohol.
  • Dehydration
  • Skipping meals or fasting that causes low blood sugar
  • Hormonal triggers such as menopause, birth control pills or menstrual cycle fluctuations.
  • Certain food items that contains tyramine, MSG, nitrates, dairy products, chocolates etc.

Common treatments

There are a range of treatments which can reduce symptoms of migraines. There are also preventive techniques you can use to make sure that you don’t have frequent migraines in the future.

You could go to your GP and ask for specific medication, but most of the time they will recommend over the counter medication like paracetamol. However, if the migraine is severe and you are in intense pain. They can give you the best advice about what other medication there is.

Another way of treatment is Physiotherapy, this is a natural way to treat physical causes of migraines. Physiotherapists can assist by reducing muscle tension and mobilising stiff joints. Physiotherapists can also teach you exercises, stretches and postural control to prevent migraines from occurring in the first place.


Migraines are an incredibly painful and unpleasant condition to experience. They are very common, especially among the younger population and can last for a long time. Finding out what causes your migraines and what treatment options are available is of paramount importance.

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