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Headache and Migraine Relief with Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy May Reduce the Severity and Frequency of Your Headaches

Headache and migraines are a serious health concern in today’s technology reliant world. It can cause problems for many individuals. People right across Parramatta and Sydney regularly visit their local Physiotherapist seeking relief from their headache and migraine symptoms.

In some cases, headaches and migraines can cause severe pain and may leave people unable to function to their full capacity. Re-occurring headaches over a period of time may indicate an underlying structural issue as a possible cause. Such as stiff joints, tight muscles or incorrect posture. Fortunately, many people benefit from Physiotherapy treatment when it comes to addressing their headache and neck related issues.

How Can Physiotherapy Help?

At Physiotherapy Professionals Parramatta, located in Parramatta / Harris Park, we don’t want to just relieve the symptoms of headache pain without addressing the underlying cause. We work with you to provide long term solutions to your pain. We will assess your symptoms and explain to you what is going on before beginning the treatment process.

Physiotherapy is different. Physiotherapists works to identify the underlying cause of headache and migraine pain and correct it. If the cause of your headache and migraine pain is due to a spinal misalignments, muscle imbalance, stiffness, Physiotherapy may help. Physiotherapy has been shown to be effective at treating headache and migraine pain.

Common Headache Types

What are the most common type of headaches that Physiotherapy may help with?

  • Cervicogenic headaches: originates with a dysfunction in the neck (cervical spine) and are characterised by pain at the base of the skull and down the neck, sometimes extending to behind the eyes. Symptoms include dizziness and neck pain. These types of headaches can be common after car accidents.
  • Migraine headaches: misalignments along the spine can cause a variety of migraine type headaches. Stress, car accidents and muscle tightness can trigger migraines.
  • Tension headaches: these are the most common types of headaches and can be caused by a variety of things including muscle spasms, tension, stress and emotional upheaval and food allergies.

The most commonly prescribed medication to treat headaches, pain killers, will only temporarily relieve symptoms of pain. They do not work to correct the underlying causes of headaches. Why would you temporarily mask the problem when Physiotherapy has a proven record for the long term management of headaches?

 If you are suffering from headaches, migraines or neck pain, get in touch with Physiotherapy Professionals Parramatta today. Located walking distance from Parramatta and Harris Park station. Appointments available 6 days a week.