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Is Your Mattress Causing Back Pain?

Is Your Mattress Causing Back Pain?

What is the best mattress to sleep on? Getting a good night’s sleep is dependent on a variety of factors, the condition of your mattress being one of them. Do you wake up with pain in your back and struggle to get into a comfortable sleeping position? Do you need to stretch first thing in the morning to make your pain better? If so, your mattress may need an upgrade.

Having a mattress with poor support can cause severe back and neck pain. A mattress which does not support you, can result in muscle strains, stiffness in your back and a poor sleeping posture. All of these factors contribute to back pain. A supportive mattress allows the structures of the spine to sit in a comfortable position, reducing the risk of lower back pain. Hence, it is vital that you choose the right mattress for your body type. With the vast variety of mattresses on the market, choosing the right mattress can prove to be difficult.

 Tips on choosing the best mattress:

A mattress that is comfortable to one person, may not be for another. It is important to identity which mattress you fell is providing you with the most comfort.

Understand what components are in the mattress. It can make choosing and buying a much easier process. As new products become available on the market, it is important to do your research or even talk to the sales person. Coils and springs in a mattress are a thing of the past!

Choosing a mattress with the most support: If your back demands a high level of support, looking at mattresses that support the natural curves of the spine would prove to be beneficial. This may improve your night’s sleep dramatically.

Don’t use old mattresses: Mattress should be replaced approximately every 5 years. As the mattress ages, the materials start to degrade, especially the coils and or the springs resulting in less support and less comfort.

Bigger is not necessarily better: Some manufactures create thicker mattresses to fool you into thinking that is comfier, this is not necessary the case. Sit on it, lie on it. See if you find it comfortable.

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