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General Questions

Who is a Physiotherapist?: Physiotherapists are highly skilled professionals who assess, diagnose and manage musculoskeletal disorders and enhance physical function. At Physiotherapy Professionals Parramatta, we use hands on treatments alongside latest evidence based techniques to alleviate pain and promote optimal health.

I’ve never been to a Physiotherapist before, what happens on my first session? : On your first session, we will ask you a series of questions about your presenting condition. This is done to better understand the problem and what may be causing it. Followed by a hands on assessment to confirm and diagnose your problem. This will be followed by treatment. Treatment will include education about your problem and how to manage it, manual therapy which can include massage, joint and neural tissue mobilisations, postural correction, exercises and electrotherapy where warranted. We believe education is the key and encourage you to ask as many questions about your condition. If you have any concerns in between your sessions, you can always call us at the clinic, send us an email or contact us via social media. Please bring any relevant medical information including doctor reports, x-ray or other scans and insurance details (work cover and motor vehicle accident claims)

Is Physiotherapy covered by Medicare? : Medicare provides limited cover for Physiotherapy treatment. Your GP will need to assess your suitability for the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) program. You will need an EPC referral from your GP to be eligible for treatment.

Do I need a Doctor’s Referral?: You do not need a doctor’s referral to see a Physiotherapist. A referral is only required under the following circumstances:

  • Work cover: If you had an injury at work and your treatments are being covered by Work Cover
  • Green slip / third party insurance: You were involved in a motor vehicle accident and your treatment is being covered by compulsary third party insurance
  • Department of Veterans’ affair (DVA): Your treatment is being covered by DVA
  • Enhanced Primary Care program (EPC): Your doctor will need to assess your suitability for the EPC program. Medicare may cover up to 5 Physiotherapy sessions per calendar year.

Do you treat worker’s compensation injuries?: Yes we do. We specialize in work injuries and getting people back to work as soon as medically possible. Before we can begin treatment, we require:

  • GP referral letter
  • Work cover approval letter

Do you treat third party / green slip claims? : Yes we do. We have extensive experience in treating patients with motor vehicle accidents. Before we begin treatment, we require:

  • GP referral letter
  • Letter from your insurance company accepting liability for the claim

Do you treat patient’s on the Enhanced Primary Care program (EPC)?: Yes we do. You will require an EPC referral from your GP before we can begin treatment. The EPC program may entitle you up to 5 Medicare covered Physiotherapy sessions.

Do you communicate with my Doctor?: If your GP or health professional has referred you to us, we will provide a report to them outlining assessment findings and proposed treatment. For patients who were not referred, we can provide your preferred GP with a report at your request.

How long is each treatment?: We allocate 30 – 45 minutes per session. Your time is valuable to us, which is why we provide one-on-one sessions. We believe in providing you with a hands on treatment approach. We do not leave you on machines or divide your time with other patients.

What should I wear to the appointment? : Wear comfortable clothing to your appointment. For lower limb problems, wear shorts or equivalent. For shoulder and neck problems, females should wear a singlet top or equivalent. Gowns are also available for use.