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Tips for the workplace

Tips for the workplace

Here are some Physio workplace tips to help you keep you fit and healthy at work:

  • When you take a break—take a proper one! Don’t surf the web or start using your phone.
  • Every couple of hours get up, take a short walk and stretch your legs.
  • Take periodic ‘mini-breaks’ at your desk every twenty minutes or so – do some stretches to loosen your shoulder and neck muscles and shift position.
  • If you work in an open plan office and need to speak to one of your colleagues, get up and walk over to their desk

    Watch your posture:

    • Sit close to your work station
    • Keep the keyboard at a level that doesn’t require much reaching and isn’t too high or too low
    • Keep your monitor at eye level
    • Sit with your legs flexed at 90-degree angle with your feet resting comfortably

Physiotherapy can give you advice on:

  • Lifting
  • Workstation setup
  • Manual handling
  • Keep fit for work advice
  • Advice tailored to your workplace needs

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