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iCare Physiotherapy

iCare Physiotherapy
iCare Physiotherapy

iCare is the new name for WorkCover in NSW. Were you injured at work? Do you need iCare Physiotherapy in Parramatta? Our jobs often require us to work in physically taxing environments or situations. Workplace injuries can often be prevented, but are not totally unavoidable. Even sitting at a desk can have negative health effects. Injuries can happen at work, travelling to and from work, or while on a break at work. Depending on where you work, Workcover physiotherapy funding may come from different sources.


iCare NSW is a government owned body that provides insurance covering workplace injuries. Employees with a workplace injury may be eligible to claim WorkCover benefits. WorkCover will pay for Physiotherapy appointments, BUT you must have 2 important documents before you can start treatment.

For us to directly bill iCare you must supply us with these two documents to your Physiotherapy appointment:

  1. An approved iCare claim number. If you have submitted your claim in the last few days, it is likely still pending approval from iCare NSW. We can treat WorkCover patients with a pending claim, but you will be responsible for covering the cost of the appointment. Once iCare approves your claim, they will reimburse you.
  2. A current medical certificate from your General Practitioner (GP). If your Physiotherapy appointments fall outside the dates of the medical certificate, you will need to return to your GP and obtain a new certificate.

Once you have an iCare claim number, you will have 8 appointments covered. If you need further appointments, your Physiotherapist will need to fill out an AHRR form to request further appointments from icare.

Can Physiotherapy Professionals Parramatta help with Workcover injuries?


Let one of our experienced Physiotherapists guide you through your work injury recovery.

If you have any questions regarding WorkCover or iCare appointments give us a call on 0479 080 800 or email us on [email protected]

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