March 22, 2017
half marathon

Half marathon: 0 to 21 Km in 8 weeks

Half Marathon Training 0 to 21 Km in 8 weeks That’s right there are only eight weeks to go for the Sydney Half Marathon! So the question […]
March 22, 2017
largest organ

Largest Organ: Fun facts

Largest Organ: Fun facts Did you know the largest organ (external) in the human body is the skin? And the largest organ (internal) is the liver?
March 22, 2017
physio clinic

Tools of the trade

Tools of the trade Having real life anatomy models in our physio clinic makes it so much easier when it comes to explaining to the patient […]
March 20, 2017
back pain parramatta

Compression Fracture

Compression Fracture I was asked by a patient this week if her back pain was being caused due to a Compression Fracture. (Dr. Google suggested her symptoms might […]